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Vocabulaire d’Outre Mer : Caraïbe

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Castle Point, GuadeloupeEncore une entrée du « Vocabulaire d’Outre-Mer » du Monde.

Another entry from Le Monde’s “Vocabulaire d’Outre-Mer”:


The vast area bordering the similarly-named sea is composed of the Greater and the Lesser Antilles, extending from the Yucatan peninsula to Mexico, and the coasts of Central America, Columbia, Venezuela and the Guianas. The region takes its name from the Caribs (1), the people inhabiting this territory when the Europeans first arrived. Fierce warriers, called the “Caniba” by their vanquished enemies, the Caribs were anthropopage (2). Here lies the origin of the word “cannibal.” The Caribs were eventually exterminated by European conquerors and disease. The existence of a small community in Guadeloupe was noted at the end of the 19th century. There remains only several thousand Caribs in the region, with the majority living in Dominique.

(1) Now called “Island-Caribs” to differentiate from the Caribs of South America.
(2) Many scholars now dispute the accuracy of this. See Reid, Basil A., Myths and Realities of Caribbean History (Alabama, University of Alabama Press, 2009) and Whitehead, Neil L., “Carib cannibalism. The historical evidence,” Journal de la Société des Américanistes. 70 (1984): 69-87.

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